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BIG 6 Youth Sports has now added Drills, Skills and Thrills Basketball  to offer professional basketball clinics that teach the fundamental skills of the game in a fun, safe, instructional setting. Clinic topics include dribbling, shooting, passing, and defensive footwork, as well as more advanced offensive and defensive team concepts. The goal of each program is to push players to reach the next level. BIG 6 Clinics promote a “love of the game” and teach through intensive individual and small group drill work along with controlled scrimmages. Our motto is, “Great teams are made in the winter, but great players are made in the off season.”


BIG 6 Sports creates and provides the ultimate soccer clinics for all aspects of the game. Clinics  include Ball Mastery, Shooting, Futsal, SAQ and Goalkeeping. All clinics are instructed by top qualified and dedicated coaches and designed to push your player to the next level. BIG 6 Soccer’s Clinics inspire players to improve their technical skills as they progress through a series of increasingly challenging stages. Soccer players will train at the highest level while improving their agility and fitness. Our soccer clinics also include individual and small group training (4:1 ratio).


Our flag football clinics introduce a wide range of skills throughout the sessions including passing, receiving and deflagging, with a strong focus on the rules of the game. Participants will develop an understanding of offensive and defensive plays, and be encouraged to implement these skills into realistic scrimmages and game-play situations.

Flag football summer clinics are appropriate for players ranging from beginners, to those already well versed in the sport. Groups are separated by age and ability to ensure all players flourish in a positive learning environment while having a great time!

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