2021 Tryouts

Please join us for the second round of AAU tryouts on Saturday, February 6th... Below you will find detailed information for tryouts, season breakdown and events for the 2021 season. Tryouts will be held for Local, State & National level teams.

The BIG 6 Basketball Club has three levels of teams within the club structure.  By having different level teams within the same club, it offers the opportunity to move team levels, within the same club.

National Teams: National teams have the opportunity to play in local BIG 6 sponsored events, out of town events (Midwest, Northeast etc.), the Midwest Circuit and the AAU National tournament. This is the highest team level of the club.


State Teams: State teams will play in local BIG 6 events and local tournaments, as well as out of town tournaments (Lexington, Gatlinburg etc.).


Local Teams:Local teams play locally in the AAU Tennessee hosted events provided by BIG 6 Sports.


The Spring/Summer Season will offer opportunities for Local, State and National level teams. Current players in the program, must attend tryouts to be selected for the Spring/Summer Season. The season will begin in March and end in June for State and Local level teams but will end in July for National teams. The Spring/Summer season teams will play in separate scheduled tournaments, BIG 6 hosted tournaments and practice twice a week.


Spring/Summer Tryouts: Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to get checked in and ready to play. 

Boys Tryouts will be offered on February 6th 2021. Final rosters will not exceed 9-10 players:


5th & 6th Grade - 5:00pm - 6:00pm

7th & 8th Grade - 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Tryout Location: MONTGOMERY BELL ACADEMY, 4001 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205


Register for tryouts using the registration form below

Players should attend as many tryouts as possible, but there is not a mandatory number to attend to be selected. Final rosters will not exceed 9-10 players


Rosters: Official 2021 Local, State & National rosters will be released one week following tryouts and the season will begin the week of mid February at your first scheduled practice.

National Teams

The National teams will have the opportunity to play in local BIG 6 sponsored events, out of town events  Southeast, Midwest etc.) and out of state events (IN, IL, NC, as well as East or Southern States). This is the highest and most elite level of the club.    

State Teams

State teams will play in local BIG 6 events and local tournaments as well as out of town tournaments Lexington,  Gatlinburg, etc.)

Local Teams

Local teams will play locally and have shorter seasons. Local teams will have  four mini-seasons that coincide with the AAU Tennessee  division, hosted by BIG 6 Sports.

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