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Online Basketball Profile

Creating an online basketball profile page is one of the most important tools to maximize your exposure to coaches. An online profile is basically a webpage(s) highlighting your athletic and academic achievement. It gives you the ability to promote yourself, show coaches how serious you are about playing college basketball and the passion you would bring to their programs. It also provides details of your academic record and standardized test scores. Similar to creating a Youtube Channel, an online basketball profile provides you a website link to your profile which you can use in your email strategy. When coaches receive your email they can just simply click on the link to your profile and get a much better understanding of who you are as a student-athlete and person.

Your email strategy and your online athletic profile go hand and hand. You are not creating an online athletic profile to somehow be found by a coach searching the web. No matter what some recruiting services and websites say, this does not happen. This profile is created to be used in relevant emails you will be sending college coaches to get their attention and hopefully create a next step for you in the recruiting process.

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