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Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Check out this basketball brain test to measure your mental toughness on and off the basketball court.

Your brain under stress can’t perform complex tasks. You need a peaceful, hopeful brain to navigate basketball, school, work and life with success. Complexity in your brain that comes in without warning or welcome is a problem. Thought addiction is an example of this. A criticism from your coach comes to you and you can’t get the brain focused, instead it wants to OD on fear about the critique. Fear is a huge robber of mental ability. Fear floods your brain and paralyzes you. Anger and bitterness do the same. After a fight with a family member, the mind can replay the argument over and over again making work focus almost impossible.

The goal at NBC Basketball is to train our minds to be a sanctuary of peace regardless of the external complexities. A peaceful mind is able to untangle the chaos and create order.

Here are some practical ways to navigate external complexity.

Develop a mentally tough mindset. Mental toughness means that you control what you will and will not think. Fearful thoughts don’t plague you. “What ifs” and fear of the future doesn’t have time in your mind. Your thoughts are strong, wise, consistent and powerful.

Those with a Mentally Weak Mindset

Focus on the faults of others

Perseverate on mistakes

Entertain all negative outcomes