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You can’t give what you don’t have

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Moving the basketball with excellence on the court requires certain skills. Here are four key ways  to make your drive on the court powerful.

1.       Navigate harassment.  Nothing exposes you like harassment. A great player can handle the ball easily no matter how aggressive or difficult the defense.  You should be fluid with right or left in traffic, traps or difficulties.

2.       Be precise on attack moves. You want the shortest distance to your goal. Your moves matter. Make sure every moment is the optimal decision to beat your man.

3.       Have a clear plan. Confusion and lack of understanding create barriers to your successful drive up the court. See patterns, see all the players. Don’t blindly dribble as fast as you can down the court unaware of who is open, who is trailing you, or where your opponents are.

4.       End with a make. Nothing is more frustrating, than a break away drive to the basket and a total flub of the ball or the shot. Stay focused on the most important part of the drive—ending the play with a basket.

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