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Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Time is crucial in basketball. A great basketball player understands time. 

3-second rule in the key:  Great basketball players understands how much time they have.  They don’t rush in a panic, they do not waste the time. If the ball gets to them in the key, they are unstoppable.

Shot clock: Great basketball players are aware of the shot clock and work to move the ball for the best strategic place to score. They are never surprised or rushed into an error.

Pressured counts: You have 5 seconds to inbound the basketball and most teams have 10 seconds to get across half court. Great basketball players are calm under pressure. They never make a wild pass or lose control. They see the floor and they have many options and possibilities.

Timeouts: Great basketball teams maximize their timeout. They come out stronger, wiser and turn the game around. Weak teams waste timeouts.

Practice time: The wise basketball player incorporates time as a tool to enhance practice. An athlete who goes out in the back yard and shoots around for 15 minutes will not be as effective as an athlete who sets a timer for 2 minutes and makes a goal to make a certain number of shots in that time period with a consequence of running or push-ups if they don’t make the goal. Wisdom can make 2 minutes of intentional practice much more effective than 15 minutes of general practice time.

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