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How to win on the basketball court  or life is important to define and understand.  How you define the word “win” is very important. An athlete who defines the word “win”, as a number on a score board, has a significant disadvantage to an athlete who defines “win” differently.  The ultimate definition for “win” at Big 6 Sports  is to struggle, fight, strive and be victorious.  A team may win a game by blowing out their opponent.  A team may lose a game but win from the inside.  A true win at Big 6 is when you struggle and overcome. When you shoot a better percentage than the game before, when you dig deep and get more mentally tough, when you create teamwork instead of selfishness—regardless of the score, that to us is the definition of “win”.

How do you define "within"

Picture a person on life support in the hospital. They need air to breathe, they need to be fed. They are totally without power and need external power to live.  Now picture an athlete on metaphorical life support, they need their coach to believe in them, they need their parents to tell them they are amazing, they need awards and trophies to provide confidence, they need wins to feel good.  Now picture an athlete who wins from the inside out. Their confidence isn’t shaken by someone’s words or comments, they don’t need trophies to work hard, and they don’t need wins to keep motivated.  Their power isn’t based on anything external.  They have learned to win from the inside.

Win Within

To be the type of basketball player and person you aspire to be, you need to win from within. This comes from defining both of these in concrete and specific ways so that your basketball game and your life style reveals a leader who has learned to win from within.

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