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Do you realize that one of the most important tools for your success is curiosity? It is one of the key components for achievement, advancement and success because it the hallmark of a learner.  Consider any situation that is lacking in energy, passion, or effort and the missing ingredient is curiosity. 

Curiosity means both an attention to detail and a compelling desire to learn. It is closely connected to the drive to search, inquire or seek. Becoming great at anything in life requires an active curiosity.

Students who are curious about what they are learning retain significantly more of the training lesson than those who are not curious.  Students with a higher curiosity show significantly increased brain activity which enhances memory, recall and retention.  People with higher curiosity have stronger brains and more healthy brains than those people with lower curiosity. The higher your level of curiosity the greater your chance for keeping your mental capacity strong as you age.


1.       Why are some people more naturally curious than others? This is a research question that is exciting scientists around the world. How curious are you?  What causes you to feel curious? Being curious is a habit and it increases with practice.  Start by being curious about your own curiousity. Be curious on how you can elevate this important habit.

2.       Reading is connected to higher levels of curiosity. If you don’t like reading, you may struggle with curiosity. Diversity in reading expands your mind and generates even greater connections and learning.  Try to read different things that you normally would not select. Join a book club and work to see life from a different point of view.

3.       Be curious about boredom. Why are you bored? If genius people are never bored how have they developed the capacity for curiosity and interest where most people are ready to check out? Maybe the best way to build your brain is to rediscover how to navigate boredom and turn it into an adventure.

4.       Questions are the key to every great teacher, coach, and growth-minded individual.  Great learning happens more in the questions than in the answers.

5.       Learn to look deeper. Most people assume they know more than they actually do because they only take the first glance. Discipline yourself to take a closer look before you foreclose on any further information. Keep an open mind and look deeper. 

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