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 "Training with Big 6 has been a great experience for me, my skills continue to improve with each session. I actually get pretty excited when I'm about to get my workout."


Taylor J

Private basketball skills training for individual or small groups is ideal for serious youths that desire to identify and hone in on specific areas needing improvement. Private basketball coaching lessons can focus on ball handling, shooting form and accuracy, footwork and balance, post or perimeter scoring moves, defensive principles, and strength and conditioning. Personal basketball coaching can also help boost overall hoops IQ, confidence, aggressiveness, and mental toughness. Small group sessions expand to team-concepts.

Individual Training

The standard rate for a personal trainer is $45/hour for a 1-hour session for one athlete. Bundle 3, 6, 8 or 10 sessions at a time and save:

  • 3 sessions $128.25

  • 6 sessions $248.40

  • 8 sessions $324.00 - 4 FREE 1-day Clinics

  • 10 sessions $396.00  - 4 FREE 1-day Clinics


Sessions are scheduled during sign up. Book 8 or 10 sessions and receive 4 FREE 1-day Skills Clinic Sessions. 

Small Group Training
Taking a similar approach to the individual private skills training, small group training places 3-6 athletes of the same skill level together. Individual skills are still the main focus, but a small group allows for competitive drills and game situations. For example, the pick and roll, high-low situations, and many other game skills can be honed in this setting. Athletes can sign up as a group or be placed by our staff based on age and skill level.

1-Hour Session: $35
4-Session Package: $125 (10%+ Discount)
10-Session Package: $300 (15%+ Discount = BEST VALUE)


  • Trainees must complete a waiver.

  • ​Rates quoted above DO NOT include any daily admission fee for workouts to be held indoors at recreation centers.

  • Workouts on an OUTDOOR COURT near you are also available when weather permits.

  • NO REFUNDS whatsoever of unused private coaching sessions after 14 calendar days from the original date of purchase. Good news is that sessions never expire.

  • 24-HOUR NOTICE to cancel sessions is mandatory, otherwise, the session in question may be forfeited. We realize life happens, so we typically work with families.

  • Private coaching for TEAMS of up to 12 players is also available and is conducted at YOUR practice gym. Contact Us to learn more.​

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