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Big Kick


WHAT: Soccer Skills Workout

WHERE: East Park Center

ADDRESS: 601 Woodland Street Nashville, TN 37206

WHEN: Spring 2020, March 1, March 8, March 15, March 22

TIME: 10:00am - 12:00pm

WHO: Boys & Girls Ages 6 -16

COST: $15 per session


BIG 6 Sports creates and provides the ultimate soccer clinics for all aspects of the game. Clinics  include Ball Mastery, Shooting, Futsal, SAQ and Goalkeeping. All clinics are instructed by top qualified and dedicated coaches and designed to push your player to the next level. BIG 6 Soccer’s Clinics inspire players to improve their technical skills as they progress through a series of increasingly challenging stages. Soccer players will train at the highest level while improving their agility and fitness. Our soccer clinics also include individual and small group training (4:1 ratio).

  • Ball Mastery – Be able to manipulate and control the ball. Being comfortable with all surfaces of your feet (inside, outside, sole and laces) as well as your thighs, chest and head which are the other common areas where ball control and manipulation takes place.

  • First Touch – Being in control as soon as the ball arrives is vital to keep the ball and make the best decision for your team. You must learn to control that first touch as the ball comes to you on the floor/ground, in the air, at various speeds and angles.

  • Turning – The ability to turn your body with and without the ball. Soccer is not about running in straight lines so it’s vital that you learn how to turn with the ball at your feet whilst being in control the whole time

  • Dribbling – Using both feet to move the ball closely at your feet in different directions and speeds.

  • Running with the ball – take bigger touches whilst running with the ball under control. This is often straight line work focusing on accelerating and decelerating with the ball and reaching top speed with the ball at your feet.

  • Ball Striking – A soccer ball can be kicked in a number of different ways. Striking with power or creating a curl on the ball using different surfaces of your feet to gain the desired outcome. The key here is the part of the ball that is struck along with body position and follow through. Timing is also vital when striking a moving ball or one that is in the air like a volley

  • Quick Feet – The pace at which your feet move can be the decisive factor to beat an opponent. Developing quick reflex action with anticipation to make the ball do what you want at speed.

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