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Dear Athletes and Parents,  


Tryouts for the Big 6 Basketball Club are usually very difficult, for both coaches and athletes, and it is the coaches that make the painful decision of who gets cut.  Our tryout process is a one/two/three day event due to busy schedules and gym time availability so each athlete must come ready to go.  Some athletes have been actively involved with basketball and it shows, while others on a limited basis.  Our team will consist of a 10 player roster.  Every player on each team will know their roles, understanding some may get more playing time than others.  


In every tryout, there will be some players that stand out as obvious picks for the team;  they have been working on their own to improve their game and it shows.  The difficulty for the coaches is in deciding who will fill the bottom half of the roster.  For instance, one player may have fewer skills than another, but shows more potential.  Other players have weak skills but show an enormous amount of heart, drive and ability to be coached.  Still other players who have poor attitudes, lack of team work and hustle will be sure to fail.  Our coaching staff will review each athlete and their stat numbers to come up with the team roster.  


The most important attribute for the tryout period is a sense of fairness among the candidates.  Just as all athletes have had the same opportunity to participate in school camps and teams; practice on their own, so will all athletes be ran through the same tryout process with equal time to show what they have to offer.  Every athlete will be ran just as hard, shoot the same amount of shots, pass the same amount of passes, and challenged mentally the same.  Come to tryouts with the mindset that you are going to try your hardest and give it your all.  We will be monitoring your fundamentals, your attitude, your physical condition and willingness to condition, your team attitude, ability to be coached, shots made, and scrimmage stats.  We will calculate all these figures and meet face to face with each athlete towards the end of the day.  At this point each athlete will know if they have made the team or not.  Remember this is a tryout process for basketball only, not life.  We know everyone wants to play however some have more basketball abilities than others.  It is better to have tried out and failed than to have not tried out at all!


Athletes will be evaluated in 5 ways over the tryouts.

1. Basketball fundamentals (doing things the proper way)

2. Drill stats (shots made/missed, passes fumbles, dribble turnovers, etc),

3. Scrimmage stats (rebounds, scoring, turnovers, assists, steals, defensive touches)

4. Timed running events, laps, suicides, etc.

5. Coaches comments (hustle, aggressiveness, team play, attitude, etc)  


Thanks for participating!  


Big 6 Basketball Club

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